Always attracted by electronic sounds, he developed his passion for music with the increase of the techno genre. Liberato Gibboni, AKA iolibe, originally from Tuscany, begins to set foot in the clubs of Salerno in his early age, realizing how he was attracted by the figure of the DJ. So, he decides to leave his hours spent on drums to devote himself to the art of DJing. His DJ sets, as much as his productions, are spaced along the flow of the melodic and beaten Ibiza sounds and hard and gloomy Berlin ones, with special dedication to the mood of the crowd spectator and the needs of the club that attends. Always careful to the selection of his musical ideas, he often mixes old glories of his kind to upcoming releases not yet known, detecting, from the beginning, their potential to success. Several projects in the area of production, sure about what he feels, going through various shades and sounds, he composes a real journey, with a beginning and a definite end.

(Luca Batti) was born in Salerno on 11/07/1989 passionate as a child to music. At the age of 15 he began to take his first steps towards a passion that will become his work in follow, that of the DJ. The genre of techno music is his favorite but also ranges between sounds deep and tech house, he works in various local Salerno and also moves between the various clubs in the province of Salerno.To test still to carry on what is the his musical genre, trying to make space organizing and carrying out various projects.One thing is certain …. Music is and will always be his first love !!!